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Historical impressions

75 years of German foreign trade fair participations

#01 >>> 50ies

Franken + Partner Architects contributed to Germany's most important and highly effective export marketing tool under the umbrella brand "made in Germany" from the very beginning!
#02 >>> 60ies

Franken + Partner Architects realised more and more German Pavilions through-out Europe, Africa and Asia and won some design prizes back then. In the early years, our founder even drove to Syria overland in his VW beetle ( 4.030 km )!
#03 >>> 70ies and 80ies

Not only photography became colored, but also the stand design was a child of his times ... Jet traveling made almost each corner of all continents reachable now, which was another booster for the al-ready very successful "AMP".
#04 >>> 90ies and 00ies

Franken + Partner Architects was taken by R. Kuchcinski and M. Hennig in 1994 who both came from the advertising de- partment of the then global player "Man-nesmann" - a lot of projects from some autonomous divisions of this corporate group were brought along. Since C. Ulmer joined the team in 1998, numberless pro-jects for German ministries and private enterprises were realised continously.
Parts of the vintage photographic material by courtesy of Fruhen Messebau, Viersen
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